We built a better bullpen.

All the energy.
None of the noise.

The sales bullpen was hardly perfect.

Loud. Chaotic. Difficult to train in. TalkInto makes it better: a virtual room where associates can focus, managers  can coach calls in real-time, handoffs are so slick prospects don’t have time to push back, and both sides of every conversation are accessible, for training, for triage, or for glory.

build closer team relationships

Get In The S#!t, In Real Time

Sales associate “channels” broadcast calls as they happen. Pop into any team member’s room to listen, pile into fire calls, commiserate, or take note of missed opportunities. Then head to the water cooler for a victory lap (or therapy sesh).


Coaching  > Training

Training by listening to calls is one thing. Coaching by being on calls with your team is a whole other ballgame. Managers hear both sides of the conversation and can interject whenever, to whomever, customer or associate, and everyone’s productivity soars.

BUILD Trust between MGMT & staff

No More
Closed Doors

Slice and dice all kinds of data from call lengths to frequency and sentiment to gather teachable moments and learn what works and what flops.


Check These

  • Instant, Non-Awkward Handoffs
  • Pile-in for Fire Calls
  • Group Channels
  • Whisper mode
  • Call archiving
  • AI sentiment tracking
  • Tagged, searchable call transcriptions

The infectious spirit and camaraderie of the sales bullpen is killer.

Having the noise and physical limitations of the room get in the way of creating a killer team (and track record) is a bummer.

The answer: Get a better bullpen.

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