We speak Dealer.


Built from the ground up to deliver powerful results, we're the ideal auto dealer solution. We'll send you ready-to-buy customers in the form of booked appointments, completed credit applications, and actual offers.

Here's how it works.

First Responder

Sell cars while the other guy’s sleeping. Our live team of friendly First Responders work around the clock, yes 24/7, giving accurate and informative responses to your customers’ messages. By engaging in instant, casual conversation, we win customers by being the first to respond with the best answers.
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Facebook Marketplace

With Hammer as an authorized inventory partner, your vehicles will be posted with a dealer’s tag, making it easy for the most serious buyers to find you.

With more in-market car buyers than anywhere else in the world, there’s no question that you need have your inventory posted to Facebook Marketplace.


With six years and millions of ads posted, we're the best when it comes to delivering results from Craigslist. Work with our team of experts to create custom advertising campaigns designed for your market and budget.


Automatically add overlays to your vehicle photos and effortlessly increase the results from your existing advertising.

Integrated Facebook Messenger

We put you on Facebook Marketplace where you can reach all your local shoppers and we integrate Hammer + Facebook Messenger so you never miss out on connecting with serious buyers. We help you be the first, be the best, and win the sale all through responsive messaging

Tracking Phone Numbers

Hammer will provide you unique tracking numbers that route all your messages to one place. Oh… and they’re callable too! You won’t have to guess where your sales are coming from, a short prerecorded message will always let you know it’s a Hammer customer.


Imagine a world where your online web chat actually drove you sales. That world is here. Just simply drop in a couple lines of code on your current website and tap into the full power of your round the clock, First Responder team.

Custom Websites

In the market for a fresh new website? Hammer provides you a sleek, ready-to-use website your customers are sure to love.

Straight from the source

Our information is always specific and accurate because it comes from you. Answer questions about your business once , so our team can respond to your customers with real information.