In the 60’s Kennedy put a man on the moon. In the 80’s Bill Gates put a computer on every desk in every home. This decade Talkinto will put an end to waiting on hold. Make way for the

Instant Generation

We’re not a generation defined by the date on a birth certificate.
We’re a generation for people who have better things to do.
And for people who ask why.
Why do I need to spend 3 hours at the DMV to get anything done?
Or why can’t I schedule a dentist appointment by sending a text?
Also, should it really need to take five minutes, just to pay for a water bottle at the airport?
We’re a generation that’s sick of waiting in line. Sick of waiting on hold. Most importantly we are sick of wasting the precious moments of our life on unnecessary inefficiencies.
We’re a generation that’s not defined by waiting, but by doing.